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This is an inspirational story of tragedy turned to triumph. This organization was founded in June of 2017 by Lennox and Paula Flynn. In April of 2007, Lennox an avid and passionate pianist/organist had a stroke when his wife Paula was three months pregnant with Leah. Unable to work again or play the piano or organ as well as he used to, Lennox turned all his passion and love for music into his daughter Leah, whose musical talent he discovered at the tender age of three.

Leah’s instrument of choice is the violin and practices each day with her father, who is her music coach and mentor. Leah also attends formal lessons with a trained teacher once a week. In addition to having a stroke in 2007, Lennox has had a heart attack in 2016, and 2017. After having the heart attacks, Lennox passion has deepened his desire, to help other youth as well and give back to mankind. Together, Lennox and Leah desire to inspire children and other individuals from around the world to love music as well. Music is a catalyst that encourages personal development, friendship and academic achievement, that Lennox and Leah hope to instill in as many young people as they can.

Meet Leah

Born in Brooklyn, New York, violin prodigy Leah Flynn has largely captivated audiences around the world with her God-given musical talent and a pure heart of gold! Leah’s journey as a violinist extraordinaire is an inspirational story of tragedy turned to triumph. It all started when six months before Leah was born, her father Lennox suffered a major stroke. Because he was no longer able to work due to his condition, he transitioned into the role of stay at home dad, and music coach. Lennox being a skilled pianist/organist, introduced Leah to the piano when she was three years old and the violin two years later.

Leah’s repertoire includes a variety of classical pieces, hymns, show tunes, and other popular favorites which she plays locally at churches, community events, and various galas. Leah remains dedicated to using her talent to bring people together and ignite societal and humanitarian reform worldwide. She hopes to inspire other children to learn and love music as well. Leah’s personal motto as reinforced by her parents is prayer, practice, and perseverance in all things. With this adage in mind, Leah aspires to combine her love for others and playing the violin in her future endeavors.

Meet Paula

Paula Flynn migrated from Jamaica to the United States with her family at the age of twelve. Paula attended junior high school and high school in Queens, New York and graduated high school at seventeen. Paula went on to nursing school and graduated as a Registered Nurse at age twenty one. Paula worked in many areas as a nurse, however, found her true calling as a home health nurse where she bonded and knew her patients more personally.

Paula married the love of her life, musician Lennox Flynn in 2007. Two days after marrying Lennox, Lennox suffered a major stroke when Paula was three months pregnant with their daughter Leah. Paula transitioned to the very important role of caregiver to Lennox and to Leah six months later, while still working as a nurse. Paula’s passion as a caretaker facilitated her to develop her desire to helping others outside of illness. Paula, Lennox, and Leah founded Heart for Strings, Inc. to help others globally.

Meet Lennox

Lennox Flynn a native of Jamaica, West Indies migrated to the United States after a successful career as a sales manager for Jamaica and the Greater Caribbean. Born to parents Samuel and Veda Flynn, Lennox one of six children were encouraged and taught by his parents the positivity and beauty of music, especially the piano. Lennox grew to develop a passion for the piano and eventually the organ. This passion for music started at the tender age of twelve, where he began his self-study of piano and organ instruction. Lennox’s passion and dedication for music excellence grew into him leading many music ministries in Jamaica and New York.

Tragedy struck Lennox in April 2007 when he suffered a major stroke, six months before his daughter Leah was born. Leah a product of his second marriage to Paula Flynn was born with multiple musical talents. What seemed at first to be a tragedy was now a triumph for Lennox as he discovered Leah’s musical talents and now had the time to develop them, especially Leah’s gift of playing the violin. Lennox and Leah have been playing music together since Leah was three. The duo has formed a very special and strong bond and together they desire to influence others to play and love music as well, through their Foundation Heart for Strings Inc.

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